Friday, February 8, 2008

Next on Fox: When Cats Get Surgery

So my cat was operated on for cancer, and while it's a bummer that she's sick, it makes for some good blogging. For example:

-She has a cone around her head and a drainage tube, so she can't lick herself clean. You know how bad cats smell when they can't clean themselves?

-Drinking water and then using the litter box with that cone on doesn't work. It's like dipping an ice cream cone into sprinkles.

-My four other cats are now really scared of her. They're hissing at her like some kind of she's some kind of alien set to take over the scratching posts.

In blogging news, everybody is talking about the handbuilt bike show and all the events going on with that. I don't get what the big deal is, I've pretty much got a handbuilt bike show right in my garage every day. It's cool to see new stuff out there though. Nate and Matt have had their bikes in the shop the past couple days. Check out some pictures here.

A blog without pictures is like a cat with a cone around her head, so here's a sneak preview:

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