Sunday, February 10, 2008


In another reference to the palest bike racer in Portland, co-worker and nacho-eater Dean Tracy beat me to the punch to post about the latest craze to hit our fair Stumptown. In a night filled with drama, drinking, and drag racing, Dean managed some sort of tie with the actual first place winner and weaseled his way into a custom Ira Ryan frame. You can read about Rapha's roller race right here.

Highlights from the BG camp include getting beaten by the eventual 2nd place rider twice (that would be Dean), and in a surprise turn of events, getting beaten by my very own asian assistant, one Ping Pong Tsai. That's right, Ping Pong advanced furthest of all the BG riders there, and even beat my best time of the night, proving that white gloves and custom cross bikes don't make necessarily make you fast. Who knew?

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jl.clark said...

waiting for your next post ... thought i would send you one to spurn your creative thinking and possibly accessorize the cats.